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Welcome to Pro Staff!

Welcome to the SWAROVSKI OPTIK NORTH AMERICA Pro Staff Member website! This site is for Authorized US and Canadian Dealer Sales Staff only. The Pro Staff Program is a dealer rewards program designed to educate and reward our dealer’s sales staff. As a Pro Staff Member, you will have access to online training, videos, and other communication tools to help support you while selling our brand at your store.

The SWAROVSKI OPTIK Pro Staff Program allows retail salespeople the opportunity to earn points on sales to purchase merchandise. Individual accounts are linked to the dealer in which members are employed. Every core optic and training module we offer has been assigned a point value. When you sell an item or complete on-line training, points are accumulated and can be applied to a SWAROVSKI OPTIK or KAHLES product you want to own. Point earned and purchased values can be seen after the terms & conditions.

After initial sign up, the approval process can take 1-7 days. To escalate this process, please send us a copy of your name badge, displaying your name and store, or a copy of your pay stub (without personal information).

After approval, the Pro Staff member will receive an automatic email with log in information and temporary password. The assigned username can either be your email or the initial of your first name, followed by your last name. (Ex. John Smith = JSmith). Please call Swarovski Optik Customer Service at 800-426-3089 x2 if your approval has been unreasonably delayed.

The Applicant/Member is responsible for obtaining permission from their employer to join the Pro Staff program.

*Note, some employers, due to business rules or other reasons, do not permit vendor incentive programs whatsoever, or limit employee participation.  Employees of retailers who have declared their stores as “Tester–only” will automatically be set-up as a Tester.  It is the employee’s responsibility to know their employer’s policy regarding this program.

The Pro Staff Program:
This program is broken into two member categories:

  • “Sellers” are those in the front-line, actively selling our product as key influencers in direct contact with the end consumer.
  • “Testers” are all other staff members who support SWAROVSKI OPTIK and their employer’s mission to bring our products to market.

Earning Points:
To earn Pro Staff Points, the Pro Staff member can participate in the Pro Staff training Modules and/or sell SWAROVSKI OPTIK products.

  • Sellers: Once you sell a SWAROVSKI OPTIK product, fill out the “Register Sales for Points” (Earn Points) section. These points will automatically be added to your Pro Staff account and the total points accumulated will appear in the top right-hand corner next to “Current Points Balance”. Do not register to earn points until a retail sale has been finalized and ownership has been transferred to the end consumer.
    • *For “Sellers” to earn Pro Staff Points through selling SWAROVSKI OPTIK or KAHLES core products (“optics”), the transaction must be recorded within 3 months of the date of the sale. On occasion, promotional point awards are offered (such as “Double Points”), and additional terms and conditions may apply.
  • Testers: Earn points by visiting the “Learn” section of the Pro Staff website and taking courses. Testers must achieve a base-level of knowledge about the Swarovski Optik brand and this is accomplished by taking enough lessons to earn a minimum of 100 points.  To earn Pro Staff Points through our educational quizzes, the member must achieve a score of 80% or greater and may re-earn points on any previous quizzes taken after 6 months have passed.

To participate:

1) You must become a SWAROVSKI OPTIK Pro Staff Member and be employed by a participating Authorized US or Canadian SWAROVSKI OPTIK retailer.

2) You Must abide by the Terms and Conditions outlined below.

Terms and Conditions
Membership in the SWAROVSKI OPTIK Pro Staff Program requires the permission of the SWAROVSKI OPTIK Authorized Retailer in which they are employed and remains in effect only during such employment. Membership ends upon termination of employment or at the direction of the employer.  A member’s transactional record (points earned data, points and product redeemed, and serial number product data) will be made available to the SWAROVSKI OPTIK Authorized Retailer/Member’s Employer upon the retailer’s request.  It is the Member’s sole responsibility to supply truthful information to earn points and SWAROVSKI OPTIK North America will not be held responsible for any consequences that may result from fraudulent point activity.

Duplicate accounts or a member with two accounts working for separate dealers cannot be combined. Points will not be transferred to one account for purchase. One account must be contained to one dealer/retailer. Points earned cannot be transferred to another Pro-Staff member.

Products redeemed are for personal use and not for resale.

Point values and Program Terms and Conditions are subject to change without notice. Incidents and program errors will be handled and addressed at an individual member level. Conclusions made by management will be unbiased and maintained sitewide.

Pro Staff Members are expected to achieve a solid level of knowledge to confidently and accurately process the Pro Staff redemption orders.  Therefore, items redeemed are not eligible for return as a rule due to resources required to accept returns.  Requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis and may be subject to a restock fee.  However, all items received with defects or damaged in transit must be reported to Swarovski Optik Customer Service within 30 days of receipt of the product and returned immediately.  Replacements for the same product will be issued upon receipt of the defective or damaged item.  Contact Customer Service for assistance.

Pro Staff points will NOT BE EARNED:

  • On product not sold by the Pro Staff member; points cannot be earned on product sitting in the store’s inventory.
  • Without serial numbers reported on the Register Sales for Points (Earn Points) section.
  • On items previously reported. If an item is returned for credit by the consumer, the Pro-Staffer should phone SWAROVSKI OPTIK to report the return. Otherwise, the store manager will have to determine who the rightful Pro-Staffer is to earn the points upon re-sale.
  • On the sale of used or sample product.
  • On sales recorded later than the 3-month sale date deadline. **IMPORTANT TO NOTE**
  • On items not sold to your retailer (trades from other stores are used product and not eligible).
  • On the sales of any product obtained by redeeming points on product purchased under the SONA employee purchase program. (This would be a private sale, not a sale made by the Authorized Retailer.)

SWAROVSKI OPTIK reserves the right to refuse a sale and terminate membership and forfeit any unredeemed points to anyone:

  • Whose account is inactive for a period of more the 24 months.
  • Who redeemed points to "purchase" product and did not have the express permission of the dealer to take advantage of the point redemption portion of this program.
  • Who has left the dealer’s employment for a period of more than 1 month and has not gained employment at another authorized SWAROVSKI OPTIK retailer.
  • Whose store no longer qualifies as an authorized retailer.
  • Who falsifies sale dates to qualify for point earnings or promotional point values.
  • Who SONA believes does not comply with the program terms; who is reselling their Pro Staff purchases and using this program for financial gains; and whom SONA determines is using this program for any reason other than to promote or support the SWAROVSKI OPTIK product line, name and reputation.

Earned Points, Redemption Point Values & Purchases:

Earned Point Values – All Members:

  • Earned Points = U.S. MAP divided by 70 and rounded up to the next whole number
    • Ex.) If U.S. MAP on a particular binocular is $1,999.00 the earned points would be 1999.00 / 70 = 28.56 rounded to 29 (29 points earned when selling that binocular)

Redemption Point Values:

    • “Seller” Members - Redemption Point Value = U.S. MAP x 45%, rounded up to the next whole numberEx.) U.S. MAP on a binocular is U.S. $1,999.00 - you would need 900 points to redeem that product.
      “Tester” Members - Redemption Point Value = U.S. MAP x 70%, rounded up to the next whole numberEx.) U.S. MAP on a binocular is U.S. $1,999.00 - you would need 1,1,400 points to redeem that product.
  • Point values are determined at the current price list based on the date they are redeemed.
  • Quizzes need 80% correct to 'pass' (earn the points)

 Redemption Point Purchases:

  • Core product categories are (1) Binoculars, (2) Riflescopes (Swarovski and Kahles), (3) Spotting Scopes and (4) Spotting Scope Eyepieces.
  • “Other” refers to all non-core products (i.e., carrying cases, tripods, clothing, etc.).
  • Pro Staff “Sellers” can purchase an unlimited amount of product if the purchase is made with 100% points.
  • For Core Product redemptions, The Pro Staffer must have a minimum of 75% of the transaction total in POINTS for the transaction to be allowed and only one such transaction of this type is allowed per 365 days per category.
  • Non-Core products or products in the 'Other’ category, do not have such restrictions. However, sellers are required to have a minimum of 10 points for shipping, before an order for non-core product can be placed.
  • Ex.) 1 point = $1 U.S. MAP. A “Seller” has 675 points and wants to redeem a binocular with U.S. MAP U.S. $1,999.00 (900 points) - they would need to pay U.S. $235 (includes ground freight) to purchase the necessary points to redeem that product. (If 700 points, pay $110)
  • Pro Staff “Testers” who earn points on quizzes only can make a purchase if they have a minimum of 100 points. Core product purchases are limited to two pieces total per 365 days. There is no quantity limit for product in the "Other" category. When ordering product, you will be required to apply all points in your point bank.
  • Ex.) 1 point = $1 U.S. MAP. A “Tester” has 100 points and wants to redeem a binocular with U.S. MAP U.S. $1,999.00 (cost 1400 points) - they would need to pay U.S. $1,310 (includes ground shipping charge) to purchase the necessary points to redeem that product.
  • Promotional Offers – Points calculation begins on the start date of the promotion and will only be awarded on sales made on or during the effective dates.  Deadline dates on promotional offers include data entry. Qualifying sales transactions must be entered by midnight of the deadline date to receive the promotional benefit.  For example, if “Double Points” run until December 31, any item sold prior to 12/31 must be recorded using the Points Earned form by midnight of 12/31 to receive the bonus points. The member will earn straight points if recorded on 1/1 or later, so long as it is recorded within the 3-month deadline of selling the product.